Today I have come up with yet another new idea to Make Money Online. The idea is to make money with online forums. While using internet you may have come across online forums or groups. If you want to search people who are like minded and face same problem as you then the forums are best place to go. In today’s time forums can be utilized to Make Money Online if you know how to do it? So on forums you can give advice and discuss things of your interest and simultaneously make money. Now the question is how do you make money with forums? 
You can follow these steps.


First you have to find forums of your interest that are very active. Go to Google and type “your keyword” + forums, this will give the list of forums. Before selecting a forum take note of following points.

                                      NOTE MEMBERS AND POSTS

  • Members – Join a forum with more than half a million members. This means that the forum is active.
  • Posts – Note the number of posts. Then calculate post/members ratio.
  • Traffic – It means that how many unique visitors are visiting the post daily.
  • Page views – Page views is daily number of views to a particular page.
  • Alexa ranking – At you get the ranking of the forum site.
Observe carefully above variables before joining a forum. I recommend you to go

  • Profile - Once you have registered successfully edit your profile. See to it that your forum must allow affiliate links. With this you will sell products (next step).
                                            SIGNATURE FILE
  • Signature File – Signature file is a text or keyword where you add the URL address of your blog or the website address of the product you are selling (next step). Some forums allow the html code also. If you are selling a product to remove acne then create your signature file as “Remove Acne in 7 Days” linking to the website.
  • Anchor Text – Anchor text is same as a signature file. It is your main keyword (product you sell) with a link to product’s website.
  • Choose Vendor – Vendor is the company from which you will choose a product and promote online. Either you can go to or Get registered and choose a product of your choice. Click on promote button (click bank) and they will give you a URL link.
  • Place Link In Forum Post – Now use that URL link in your forum posting. Usually a forum gives permission to place two to three links in a post. When some one reads your post and clicks the URL and purchases the product from that website you get a commission from the company.

To make money on forums you have to post good content daily. Only then members of your forum will consider you as an expert in the field you are posting. So to write good content follow this format.

                                      3 LINE NON SALES POST                     
  • “Non Sales Post” – In this format your post must be of two to three lines without an URL link. Post 4 to 5 posts daily. Never place an URL link in your non sales post. Give simple introduction in 2-3 lines. If you post indiscriminately then your post will be declared spam.
  • “Sales Post” – After posting 5 non sales post you can now post a single sales post. It will have multiple paragraphs (3 to 4) with an URL link placed at the bottom of your post. After reading 5 non sales post your reader will read a sales post and click the URL link at the bottom to buy your product.
If you follow above mentioned steps then you can definitely Make Money Online with Forums. For latest updates follow my blog regularly.

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