How to Open Account in HDFC Bank with ATM Card in 1 Hour

Do you want to open a bank account in HDFC bank anywhere in India?

Well! I know your obvious answer would be Yes!

You can open an account in HDFC bank in just one hour, if you are really interested. It would not matter whether you are a student, a working employee or housewives. Anyone of you could open an account.

But before I tell you how you can open an account in HDFC, I want to narrate a story for all you guys.

In this story I will tell you what happened to me when I went HDFC bank to open an account for first time.

Actually I live in Mumbai, Goregaon East and I work for a company as a senior sales executive. I have been working as a sales executive for last 3 years.

Earlier I worked in Bangalore for at least one year. For me opening a bank account is not something new because I already had a bank account in State Bank of India (SBI).

So opening a bank account is not new as opened my first bank account during college days.

However, few days back I decided to open one more account in HDFC bank. HDFC is a good bank and you can access its ATM at any corner of the country.

But I had few problems before they opened my account in hdfc bank.

To understand the problem, first I will tell you the story.

I am living in Mumbai for few months only. After living in Bangalore for a year, I went to New Delhi, after working there for 2 years I came back to Mumbai.

And I am living in Mumbai for last 3 months. My bank account for State bank of India (SBI) is of New Delhi. It means the address mentioned in the pass book is of that city.    

Hence, when I was trying to open a bank account in HDFC in Mumbai I had to give address proof of Mumbai only.

I was new here, and I really never had a address proof. So what I did is I gave them the passbook of SBI as my address proof.

The manager at HDFC said it is going to be OK if you have passbook of SBI with pan card.

So I thought now there will no problem to open an account in HDFC.

But there was a problem in the address given in Passbook. The manager told that the Pin Code was missing. Everything was there but not the pin code.

I requested the manager to overlook this issue and open an account but he refused to do so.

He asked me to get printed the Pin Code along with Seal and signature of SBI.

So next morning I went to SBI in Mumbai and asked to write the Pin Code below the address and give a seal with signature.

But, they refused to do so, giving reason that we are doing to do as you can do only in SBI branch in New Delhi. Here in Mumbai SBI cannot do it.

I requested them but they refused. I also showed them my check book where full address was printed with pin code. But they again refused simply saying we cannot do as we are not authorized for it.

So in the end, I have to get pin code written there with seal and signature of SBI from New Delhi only.

Thus, I do get pin code written there with seal and signature of SBI New Delhi while living in Mumbai?

I was very nervous because I my salary of that month would have been deposited in my HDFC account only by my company. And I could not get it opened.

Therefore, I got an idea that I will courier my passbook to New Delhi to my friend and he will get pin code written there with seal and signature of SBI branch. Then he will send back to me.  

I will give this as a proof to HDFC manager and he will open my account. I thought now I will have a bank in HDFC.

Hence, I send my passbook to my friend in New Delhi through a courier. There were many courier services but I decided to go with DTDC because its office was very near to my home. 
But again a problem are props-up. This time DTDC failed to deliver my courier to desired location.